Le Nosare | The Rooms
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The Rooms


The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you
Don’t go back to sleep!

Rumi, Persian poe

Oriented to the east, where the sun rises for a new day, the double room called Dawn offers its guests an atmosphere with tenuous hues, in line with the colours of this part of the day. The walls are of an old-looking ocher yellow, with hints of orange on the decorating elements to evoke brighter tones.

In addition to the double bed, a sofa bed is available that can accommodate two extra guests. The bathroom provides a shower with chromotherapy, however the peculiarity of the room lies in the two small windows over the bed, recalling the original structure of the now refurbished granary. The room also provides a 32” TV, independent heating system, fridge and kettle.

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“There are sunsets that never set.”

Massimo Bisotti

As for Dawn, the Sunset room also recalls the lights and colours of the part of the day evoked by its name. Coarse cement finishes with a chestnut-red old-looking effect and sandblasted stonework perfectly mirror the area’s typical buildings. Once again, the details make the difference: an old recovered window was set as a decorative element over the double bed’s headboard, while the bedside tables were made using the old roof’s wood beams. This room also provides a 32” TV, fridge, kettle and sofa bed.
In the bathroom, the fixtures are suspended, the shower has chromotherapy and elements such as the red stone sink recall Lessinia’s tradition.

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El Due

“El Due has a story to tell”

Stefano Campedelli

This is the smallest of the rooms available at Le Nosare B&B, but also the most intimate and, above all, the one with a nice story to tell. Designed for two guests only, to maintain a particular atmosphere, the room is characterized by jade green walls with a coarse finish, alternated to sandblasted stonework sections. Suspended fixtures in the bathroom, shower with chromotherapy, headboard and bathroom furnishings obtained from old local wood beams, and red stone sink. The room also provides a 32” TV, independent heating system, fridge and kettle.

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